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I'm Jess!

I am here for you! Maybe you find yourself at a crossroads, feeling stuck, wrestling with self-doubt, overwhelmed by uncertainty.

The fire within you is undeniable, but there's a lingering question:

“Am I truly enough? Can I turn my dreams into reality?” Where do I start? I've built many successful businesses and experienced burn out and unhappiness that led to me taking time off and reevaluating my goals and desires. I learned to put myself and my mindset a top priority in my life and business.

Create A Business & Life You Love!

Your dreams are not just attainable but destined to flourish! I've walked a similar journey, facing the twists and turns of life and business. As your guide, I don't just offer coaching; I extend a hand to join you in reshaping challenges into victories, uncovering your strengths, and turning your dreams into a thriving reality. My mission is to help and support others to create a life and business full of happiness and abundance.

What would your life & business look like if you had the support you need to reach your goals?



Lean How We Can Help


BUSINESS Coaching Packages

We offer 1:1 Personalized: coaching tailored to your unique needs and goals. We provide strategic guidance, support, and accountability to help you:

  • Strategize Your Business Goals: Develop a clear and actionable plan for success.

  • Implement Effective Strategies: Utilize proven methods to achieve your business objectives.

  • Maintain Work-Life Balance: Ensure your mental health and happiness are prioritized.

Experience the power of collective growth with our group coaching packages. Join a dynamic group of like-minded entrepreneurs and benefit from shared experiences, insights, and support. Our group coaching sessions include:

  • Collaborative Learning: Engage with peers to gain diverse perspectives and ideas.

  • Structured Guidance: Follow a well-defined program designed to address common challenges and goals.

  • Community Support: Build lasting connections and receive encouragement from a supportive network.



Discover the best modern methods and strategies guaranteed to lead you to personal and professional success. Our courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive. We have programs from starting, launching, to scaling an online business. Includes templates, planners, workbooks, trainings and more. Our courses cover topics like:

  • Social media: Learn which platforms are right for your business

  • Branding: Learn how to create your brand and story for your business

  • Choosing the right online business: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products, Coaching, Course Creator, Memberships, Service Based, Resell Rights.

  • Offers: Learn to create, package, name, and launch your offers.

  • Systems: Websites, Course platforms, email systems, videos, and more

  • Leads & Clients: Learn how to get clients to increase your profits.

  • Outsourcing: Learn when and how to hire VAs and contractors for your business.

  • Passion & Purpose: Learn what you were put on this earth to do.

  • Mindset & Mental Health: Unlock your full potential and learn to trust yourself & abilities

  • Manifestation & Abundance Mindset: Learn the key skills to manifest your life full of abundance and happiness.



We offer 1:1 Personalized life coaching tailored to your unique needs and goals. We provide strategic guidance, support, and accountability to help you:

  • Mindset & Beliefs: Personalized guidance on creating a positive mindset, building confidence, self-esteem, and overcoming limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that have held you back.

  • Clarity & Goal Setting: Create clear and achievable goals so that where you want to go feels less overwhelming and becomes simple and easy to follow steps to hep you get there. We’ll explore your values, strengths, and aspirations to help you understand your goals and priorities to empower you to make aligned decisions to step into your true self.

  • Self Empowerment: Personalized guidance on creating a positive mindset, building self-confidence, and overcoming limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that have held you back.

  • Strategy & Accountability: Learn strategies tailored to your unique goals in order to overcome blocks, build on strengths, manage stress, and reach your goals easily and effortlessly. Creating changes doesn’t need to be hard! Having the right person support you and check in for accountability can make all of the difference in seeing your dreams become a reality.

What Others Are Saying:

"Jess Cassity is one of the most generous, knowledgeable, creative, resourceful coaches in the business."

I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the best. Her wealth of business ideas, keen listening skills, and consistently staying on top of industry trends gives me the example, support, and confidence that I need to achieve my dreams.

-Cheryl Guidry Life Coach


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